Chalet Flora is an outstanding private property by both the location and views of the Carpathian Mountains, and by the fact that it belongs to one of the oldest families in Maramures. The family coat of arms is a lively proof of the age of the noble families. The history of this family derives from the history of these wonderful places in northern Romania.

The uniqueness of this chalet is given by the paintings made by the well-known Romanian painter, ViorelNimigeanu who has left his mark witihn the entire chalet with his remarkable works of art.

Visiting us you’ll get not only a memorable trip into a dream location of Europe, but you will definitely get a lesson in art and local history.

Rooms & Facilities

Chalet Flora has a capacity of 18 people divided into nine double rooms arranged on the upper floors of the chalet. Each room has its own bathroom, except three rooms that share two bathrooms. The ground floor is designed as an open space area in which we can organize more activities, each with a defined space, such as the dining area, lounge area, games area, and relaxation area.

Floors Plan:

  • ground floor: living, two dinning area, lounge, kitchen, bathrooms
  • 1st floor: three bedrooms with bathroom, lounge
  • 2nd floor: three bedrooms with bathroom, three bedrooms without bathroom, two bathrooms, lounge/bar